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25 December 2009 г.

“This amazing life”

On December 25th Christians celebrated Christmas at the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Saint-Petersburg on Poklonnaya gora . The “Hallelujah” chorus performed a musical programme “This amazing life”. Children took part in this performance. Young singers were dressed in white clothes. And for audience they looked like angels proclaiming the birth of an Infant who will save “his people from their sins”.  More in russian >>

20 December 2009 г.

Their second birth

The 20th of December for some Christians has become to be a special day -- for 45 of them this date is now associated in a certain sense with their second birth, namely spiritual. Just several days before Christmas they had been baptized at the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Saint-Petersburg on Poklonnaya gora.  More in russian >>

14 December 2009 г.

Social help hot line

In November, 2009 a 24-hour hot line was set up, uniting efforts of Christians engaged in social ministry. The phone number of the hot line is 8-800-200-9-404. It is available in three regions, where rehabilitation ministry is well developed: Siberia, North-Western and Moscow.  More in russian >>

29 November 2009 г.

Double holiday at the church of Lomonosov town.

At Sunday November 29, 2009 the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Lomonosov town celebrated a double holiday: the 100 anniversary of the local church and a consecration of the House of Prayer. Church Birthday, especially a round date, is a good reason for evangelization and for attracting public attention. It is no coincidence that the local newspaper "Baltic ray" had not pass by such an event and in it is 18 November issue invited citizens to the holiday prayer service.  More in russian >>

12 November 2009 г.

From Russia to Bayern with a social work experience

Vladimir Egov, the leader of the social ministry of North-Western region Evangelical Christian-Baptist Churches, took part in a conference, dedicated to the problem of psychological adaptation and rehabilitation of people with dependence of different forms and their relatives. Conference was held from October 12 to 24 in the German town Regensburg, Bayern.  More in russian >>

21 October 2009 г.

First global research of the Russian protestantism

The presentation of the results of the first global research of Russian protestantism was held in the Saint-Petersburg Christian University. "Russian protestantism and national power in 1905-1991" that is the name of a book written by Nikolskaya Tatyana Kirillovna, member of the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church on Poklonnaya gora, candidate of historic science, lecturer in the SPCU, author of works about the history of relationships between nation and religion in Russia in the XX century.  More in russian >>

27 September 2009 г.

Christian and profit

At September 27, 2009 in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church on Poklonnaya gora under the direction of our Union was organized a meeting of american businessmans with employers from Saint-Petersburg churches. Brothers from Texas and Florida, Eugene and Harvey J. developed their own business for many years in USA, and then decided to come to Russia and share their understanding of business from the position of Christian ethics.  More in russian >>

13 May 2009 г.

Concert in Yard

On 13th May in the evening it was pretty cold in the street – only 10 degrees. But a concert of Christian music took part in one of the yards near the underground station “Rybatskoye”. It was given by youth of Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church “The Comfort Church”. During the concert members of the Church gave New Testaments, Christian magazines, CD-disks and visiting cards of the Church to all people who stopped to listen to music. Such concerts are going to be held in May, June and July. Organizers and participants need your praying support!  More in russian >>

10 May 2009 г.

Idea of a Concert Belongs to Father

On 10th May the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church and Orthodox Church of town Vsevolozhsk held the Easter concert of spiritual music in the town’s culture centre. The concert was blessed by the priest of Vsevolozhsk Orthodox Church of Saint Barbara.  More in russian >>

9 May 2009 г.

Victory Day with orchestra «Blagovest»

Every year on 9th May in congratulations all veterans are wished to be healthy and to live long. But praying for health is much more important than just wishing it. And Alexander Goryanin - pastor of St. Petersburg Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church "Resurrection" and leading singer of orchestra "Blagovest" - said in his speech that we were praying for all veterans and assured that we would continue praying.  More in russian >>

23 March 2009 г.

Prayer will take you to Kiev

There is a saying: a clever tongue will take you anywhere. But a team «Following Jesus’ tracks» believes that only God can do it. And they decided to deliver a prayer letter from Luga (town in Leningrad region) to Kiev (capital of Ukraine). But their hitchhiking trip was only beginning. In summer a big pedestrian tour between these cities will be held.  More in russian >>

20 March 2009 г.

And Again in a Battle

There are different types of troops: special forces, air forces and landing troops. Evangelical Christian-Baptists have their own landing troops — missionary. And last weekend brave “soldiers” landed in Novgorod to tell its residents about Christ Who saved them from Eternal Death.  More in russian >>

8 March 2009 г.


Words wife and woman are used in the Bible 2340 times; and words husband and man — 610 times. In spite of the leading part belongs to men, women are not less significant. And correlation 1:4 proves this.  More in russian >>

23 February 2009 г.

«Sunday» courage

February 23rd was also celebrated in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church «Resurrection» situated in a settlement Murino in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. But this evening was not common. Besides brothers from the Church there also were kids from problem families who live in a settlement Kuzmolovo. Young Christians from the Church have been regularly meeting them for the year. During the meetings they discussed God`s Word in a form of game.  More in russian >>

23 February 2009 г.

Chivalry is always fashionable

In childhood each boy played knights. He rescued beautiful princess, defeated firedrake, dreamed of heroic deeds. Time passed. Children became adults. But dreams stayed with them. At the Fatherland Defender`s Day - 23rd February - more than 30 brothers gathered together at the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church to lead a round table discussion about chivalry and King David.  More in russian >>

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