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9 December 2008 .

Spiritual and Moral State of the Society is a Reason for AIDS to Spread

On November 18th a conference dedicated to a struggle of Russian religious organizations against "the plague of the XXth century" was held in Moscow. There were representatives of different confessions. Russian Evangelical-Baptist Union was represented by its head - Jurij Kirillovich Sipko.  More in russian >>

21 November 2008 .

Spiritual Educational Work in a High Security

At weekends it is possible to see a typical picture of a railway station in settlement Fornosovo. People carrying heavy bags are getting out of the train. They have arrived from different places, but the purpose of their arrival is one - to visit their relatives, who are inmates in the local prison. A small church was organized in this prison due to the pastor of Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church in the settlement - Victor Khitrov.  More in russian >>

19 November 2008 .

100 Years: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of the Evangelical Youth Movement

On November 14th-16th 2008 a youth conference dedicated to 100 annual of evangelical youth service was held in the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Saint-Petersburg on Poklonnaya gora.  More in russian >>

16 November 2008 .

Inspiring Music of Credo

On November 8th and 9th an orchestra Credo of the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of SaintPetersburg visited Svetogorsk. In first day it gave a concert in local entertainment center and in the second it took part in the service in church Bethany.  More in russian >>

13 November 2008 .

Saint-Petersburg School of Information Service III: to Advertise or Not to Advertise?

Three churches - in Kolpino, on Poklonnaya Gora and in Murino - are united not only by the fact that they are in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union, but also by the fact, that all of them understand the importance of media. All the Churches received schools of Information Service. The third School was held on November 8th in the Church "Resurrection" in settlement Murino in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. There were 35 participants, who came form Saint-Petersburg, Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Sosnoviy Bor, Tichvin, Petrozavodsk, Kingisepp, Zelenograd, Kiev and Moscow.  More in russian >>

30 October 2008 .

Kids Are a Lot of Fun, or the Ministry, Based on Love

Evangelical Christian-Baptists of the North-West region of Russia, who participate in social ministry, work with handicapped children, homeless kids, children coming from problem families and kids infected with HIV. The team of social ministry serves in four settlements in Leningrad region: Sosnovo, Orzhitsy, Otradnoye and Fornosovo.  More in russian >>

17 October 2008 .

HIV Dont Go Past. A Conference For Healthy Life-Style Was Held in SaintPetersburg

The conference can be compared to an equilateral triangle with tree equally significant sides: theory, practical seminars and public opinion poll. All parts, as well as solution of problem, come to one point Christians should be united in the face of impending danger of AIDS.  More in russian >>

15 October 2008 .

Desire to Help Outcasts

There is something special about Evangelical Christian-Baptist Churches of Kaliningrad and Lomonosov. There is a thing that distinguish them from other houses of worship. We are talking about rehabilitation centers, which are the main point in mercy service. Rehabilitation center is a place where addicts can get freedom. Sin is judged there in the light of the word of God. There people learn about Gods great love.  More in russian >>

15 October 2008 .

Spiritual Fruit for Festive Dinner

Indian summer was very hospitable for the Harvest celebration. It was time for gathering crop in Churches of Evangelical Christian-Baptists. In the Church in a town of Sosnoviy Bor the fruit was ripe in time: two men were baptized.  More in russian >>

22 September 2008 .

Tournament in the Name of Future

On September 17th a football tournament Antidrug was held on a sports ground of ATI factory. Six teams participated in the tournament. Two of them Pavlovsk and The Good Samaritan were composed of guys who were drug-addicts for several years. But now they are free of their addiction and they are ready to tell peo[le, especially young, not only about drugs harm, but also about God, who gives real freedom.  More in russian >>

8 September 2008 .

The most important for inmates of sanatorium for consumptives in Peterhof

Last year Christians were allowed to visit children in sanatorium for consumptives. But that did not last long. There were several groups of children boy and girls from seven to twelve years old, Tells Marina Gryazina, member of the Evangelical ChristianBaptist Church Gospel Light of Petrodvorets. We had music lessons with these children, learned songs, that were lately sung in the whole sanatorium. But mostly we played different games. Children went into raptures while playing. Marina and young missioners from the German family Rey became comfort and joy for lonely children.  More in russian >>

18 August 2008 .

Bible on the Natural Language, or What Is More Tasty Than Banana

This is our last Sunday in Russia, said Veronika. The next Sunday will be in Ethiopia. Veronika Aksenova and Larissa Kapranova are going for two years to this East-African country. The purpose of their trip is to show the Light of Gospel to local.  More in russian >>

3 July 2008 .

Seven Colors of Joy of Pavlovsk

Since 16th to 21st of June a Christian camp Rainbow for children from 6 to 11 years old was held in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Pavlovsk.  More in russian >>

2 July 2008 .

They Have No Right to Live Their Previous Lives

You will say: I believe, and God Himself will hear your words of faith! said Peter Lunichkin, who led a ceremony of baptism in the Central St. Petersburg Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church.  More in russian >>

24 June 2008 .

Month of Baseball - Krasnoye Selo

June became a baseball month for Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Krasnoye Selo. A teem of 18 members came to the town to teach children how to play baseball. And church members told children and their parents about God.  More in russian >>

24 June 2008 .

Parachurch Volleyball

June 21st. It was raining in the morning. At noon nets were tightened. After that a parachurch volleyball tournament started.  More in russian >>

18 June 2008 .

Flame of Love to Children of Risk Groups

There are no similar lives. All children and adults are extremely different. And all people have different childhood. For some people childhood is lighted up by parents love? For others by the match in the darkness of moist street. On June 7th a conference Child in Danger was held in St. Petersburg Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church.  More in russian >>

16 June 2008 .

Route of Help: St. Petersburg Nevel Smolensk

There is no rehabilitation centre in your town? Then we are coming to your pkace! team of social service always follow this words while choosing a new place to open a rehabilitation centre.  More in russian >>

10 June 2008 .

Gods paratroopers fed inhabitants of Velikiye Luki

Inhabitants of Velikiye Luki have no problems with food: meat-packing plant and milk plant supply them with physical food. But Jesus Christ said: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. And paratrooper went to Velikiye Luki to carry this Word. Their mission lasted 3 days: from 16th to 18th of May.  More in russian >>

9 April 2008 .

Theory and Practice of Family Life

On March 29th a seminar, devoted to family problems, took place in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Pavlovsk. There were short reports as well as discussions between speakers and couples than attended the seminar.  More in russian >>

1 April 2008 .

New Warrior at the Missionary Front

On Sunday, March 23rd, a Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Slantsy was visited by Victor Shlenkin and Mel Skinner representatives of the missionary department of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. They told members of the Church of Slantsy about the Baptist Unions view on missionary work. Believers not only extended a warm welcome, but also enthusiastically supported our brothers.  More in russian >>

28 March 2008 .

Young Star Daphne Parker

On March 22nd spectators had an opportunity to see a new production of a theatre group The star of Bethlehem Daphne Parker. The play was demonstrated in the Central Evangelical ChristianBaptist Church on Poklonnaya Gora. Script writer Christina Scherbakova, director Sergey Naumov.  More in russian >>

20 March 2008 .

Club of a Cheerful Mood

On March 10th a new game of a Club of a Cheerful Mood was held in the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church. The subject of the game was The Church of the future. Two teams Biblical hedgehogs and Pink panters comically illustrated their views on the church of the future.  More in russian >>

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