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5 December 2007 .

Gods Paratroopers in Pskov

From 23rd to 25th of October Gods troops conducted an operation Preaching the Gospel in Pskov. Fmong the soldiers were those brave young people who wanted to tell others about God.  More in russian >>

30 November 2007 .

Fruit of Liberation in Pavlovsk

On November 25th a baptism took place in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Pavlovsk. That day seven men were submerged into waters of baptistery. This indicated that each new member of the Church is dead for sin and resurrected of new life with God.  More in russian >>

9 November 2007 .

Seminar for Children The Heavenly City

On November 5th a seminar Heavenly City was held in the St. Petersburg Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church. It was organized for children from St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region and was visited by 120 of them. Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him (Bible, 1 Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 9)  More in russian >>

8 November 2007 .

The night of vigil

Prayer is a talk with God. It is the breath, the power and the ability to live for a Christian. Every person, who came to the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church The Resurrection to pray our God during all night from 2nd till 3rd November 2007, understands it perfectly well.  More in russian >>

7 November 2007 .

Gods Paratroopers in Luga

At the end of October 2007 troops landed in the town of Luga in Leningrad Region. Soldiers were equipped with Bibles and leaflets. Their purpose was 100% peaceful; they came to tell local people about God, who brings peace and joy into our lives.  More in russian >>

31 October 2007 .

Baptism in The Comfort-Church

On October 20th, Saturday, a number of members of Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church The Comfort-Church increased 3 young Christians were baptized. This important event took place in a Church of Kolpino. Its members were very glad to meet guests and shared their happiness.  More in russian >>

18 October 2007 .

Each one has His Own Fruit

At the end of September the beginning of October the Harvest Feast was celebrated in all Evangelical Christian-Baptist Churches of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Each Church celebrated it by its own way. The Harvest Feast gives cause to be joyful for crop, to think about our own lives and to be grateful for God for His love.  More in russian >>

12 October 2007 .

Self-GameAppears out of TV

On September 30th the Self-Game, which is similar to TV-show of the same name, was held in St. Petersburg Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church the Comfort-Church. It substituted the ordinary service.  More in russian >>

5 October 2007 .

Pastors Conference of North-West Alliance of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union of Russian Federation

Since 3d till 6th October 2007 a pastors conference of north-west alliance of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union of Russian Federation was held in a building of Saint-Petersburg Christian University.  More in russian >>

26 September 2007 .

Sports Event, Dedicated to Biblical Topic

On Saturday, 22nd September 2007, a long-awaited Biblical Ring took place in Evangelical ChristianBaptist Church of Vsevologsk, Leningrad region.  More in russian >>

14 September 2007 .

Reading Bible to the Accompaniment of the Waves

Slipping away summer always leaves something in its own commemoration. This probably helps us to warm ourselves in winter. Youth from Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church of Kolpino has much to recollect. Since 24th till 26th of August 2007 they participated in camping trip to river Maluga in Leningrad region.  More in russian >>

12 September 2007 .

Youth Church The Consolation is 6 years old!

On September 9th, Sunday, in Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church The Comfort Church a festive service, devoted to Churchs 6th birthday, was held.  More in russian >>

29 August 2007 .

Volleyball-2007 Great Seeing-off of the Summer

On August 25th, the last Saturday of the summer, young Christians arranged a seeing the summer off. They played volleyball in Church Resurrection in village Murino in the suburb of St. Petersburg.  More in russian >>

16 August 2007 .

Tell People the Story and God Will Do the Rest

Since 6th till 11th August in three Evangelical Christian-Baptist churches of Leningrad region were held several seminars with the help of a group of instructors from the USA. 6 members of Baptist Church Calvary came to St. Petersburg from Beaumont, Texas, to organize these seminars.  More in russian >>

31 July 2007 .

Meeting of youth with God took place!

Since 26th till 29th of July 2007 on the shore of the Gulf of Finland a youth open-air conference Meeting with God was held. The conference was organized by youth department of St. Petersburg Christian-Baptist Union. Approximately 100 young people from different parts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region came to the conference to be closer to God and to each other.  More in russian >>

17 July 2007 .

In the Temple of Nature

During the thunderstorm three sages set out the see in one wash-basin this is the line from one of the nursery rhymes. It has something in common with participants of the expedition that was held since 1st till 7th of July 2007. There were 10 of them instead of 3 sages, they were sitting in inflatable boats instead of wash-basin, and they went not by sea, but by lake. Still they were caught by thunderstorm. But this fact didnt prevent guys from the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church on Poklonnaya Gora from achieving the goal of the expedition to tell people they met about God and give them Gospels.  More in russian >>

27 June 2007 .

Promise of a Good Conscience

In the warm morning of the 24th of June 2007 on Lake Verhnee Suzdalskoe that is just by the underground station Ozerki citizens of St.Petersburg could see very unusual thing: instead of people in bathing suits they saw people in white clothes. One might have surmised that these white clothes had had spiritual sense on account of the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church situated near the lake. Those who had such guess-works were right.  More in russian >>

19 June 2007 .

Live Day of the City

On May 27th in park Ekateringof, situated near the underground station Narvskaya, a festival Live SPb, devoted to the celebration of the Day of the City, was held. It was organized by the Social Christian Organization Faiths Reactor with the support of Christian missions and churches of St Petersburg. Many Christian musical groups played on the parks main stage. At the same time a lot of children took part in different entertainments, which were prepared specially for them in the central path and on the playground.  More in russian >>

13 June 2007 .

St. Petersburg baptists Again the First!

We are glad to announce that web site St. Petersburg Baptists for the second time got the first prize in the nomination Church Web Site of the annual contest of Christian web sites conducted by the Association of Journalists Novomedia. The jury appreciated the results of the work that was done by the crew working on our web site. This victory confirms the status of high-quality resource.  More in russian >>

5 June 2007 .

Youth is Protecting Childhood

On June 1st the Day of Kids Protection in St. Petersburg was held the action, organized by young generation of Evangelical Christian-Baptist Churches of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region and project For Life. The purpose of the action was to prevent abortions and to tell people about the purity of antenuptial relations.  More in russian >>

7 May 2007 .

Missionary Expedition of Deaf Christians

On April 2nd the second Missionary motor-expedition of deaf people started in St. Petersburg. During two months participants of the expedition will drive through Central Russia and North-Western Region. The purpose of the action is to tell deaf people about God.  More in russian >>

23 April 2007 .

Christian Youth for Clean City

On April 21st took place Christian youth action Pure heart clean city, which was carried out in the context of the Governments programme of tidying up the city. The action was organized by Evangelic Christian-Baptist Union of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Young people wearing T-shirts with printed words Generation for Christ proved their faith with their deeds. Three such actions took place in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region on that day.  More in russian >>

19 April 2007 .

Prayerful Fast in Svetogorsk

During 40 days from February 25th to April 5th members of Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church in Svetogorsk had the fast. All abstinents were divided into small groups. Each group prayed and fasted in one fixed day of the week.  More in russian >>

18 April 2007 .

140th Anniversary of Evangelic Faith in Russia

On April 14th the concert devoted to the celebration of 140th anniversary of evangelic awakening in Russia took place in the House of Composers in St. Petersburg.  More in russian >>

11 April 2007 .

Youth Easter Concert

On April 8th on the Day of Christs Resurrection the Youth Easter Concert was held in Vsevologsks Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church. It is not the first concert to be held, but it differs from previous concerts by its structure and organization.  More in russian >>

7 April 2007 .

Bible Ring

On March 31st in Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church in Kolpino was held youth game Bible Ring on the subject of the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. 11 teams from different churches of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region participated in the game. Also many supporters gathered in the building of Kolpino church. They didnt want to miss that memorable event.  More in russian >>

22 March 2007 .

She has done what she could

On March 17th in St. Petersburg Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church took place a conference, which was called She has done what she could (Mark 14:8). It was devoted to the theme of womens services. The conference also touched on a question of personal relations with God.  More in russian >>

16 March 2007 .

Morning Prayer of Russian Officials of Protestant Churches in Moscow

7th National morning prayer took place in Moscow on March 13th. The Officials of Russian protestant churches gathered together in the President-Hotel. There were Yrij Sipko, the president of the Russian Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union, Vasilij Stolar, the president of the Seventh-Day Adventists Union, Pavel Okara, the chief bishop of Russian Church of the Christians of Evangelical Faith and Sergej Riachovskij, the member of Social Chamber of Russian Federation and the head of Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith. The sitting was opened by Vitalij Vlasenko, the chief of the tutorial council of The National Morning Prayer Fund. He also heads the external contacts department of the Russian Evangelical Christian-Baptist Union.  More in russian >>

13 March 2007 .

The Beauty of Heart

On March 8th in the Baptist Church Resurrection took place a project, dedicated to the International Womens Day or Sisters Day the name that was given to that holiday by ready-witted brothers.  More in russian >>

27 February 2007 .

It is only beginning it will be continued

On February 23-24th in the Central Church Poklonnaya Gora the Youth Conference was held. It was symbolically called It is only beginning Despite the cold behind the church windows all people were warmed and inspired by a heartfelt fellowship that caused passionate desire to serve the Lord.  More in russian >>

20 February 2007 .

Kids should live in family

St Petersburg Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church Poklonnaya Gora took part in the session of II International Educational Conference Kids should live in family that was conducted on 18-21 of February 2007 in St Petersburg.  More in russian >>

20 February 2007 .

Meeting finally took place!

On February 19th in the Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church Poklonnaya Gora took place the first introductory class meeting of young preachers. It is an educational program, which purpose is to give necessary tools to those who want to dedicate themselves to preaching the Gospel.  More in russian >>

16 February 2007 .

The Day of all those who are in love with prayer

Despite the fact that St. Valentine Day is not the official Church day, young Baptists of Evangelical Churches of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region celebrated St Valentine Day on Prayer Meeting in the Baptist Church in Kolpino on 14th of February.  More in russian >>

30 January 2007 .

Promising Evangelism

On the night of 28th of January in St. Petersburg Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church took place a meeting of 50 students of various colleges in St. Petersburg who discussed different models of Evangelism among secular students in the city.  More in russian >>

29 January 2007 .

Kids Arc at the landing stage of House of Prayer

Attendants and members of the Central Evangelical Christian-Baptist Church probably got used to different guests who from time to time visit Sunday services. But the visit of Kids Arc (a name of kids refuge) on 28th of January became memorable for many.  More in russian >>

12 January 2007 .

Christmas Concert in the Church of Vsevolozhsk

On 6th of January 2007 in the Evangelical-Baptist Church in Vsevologsk took place the Evangelical Christmas Concert.  More in russian >>

7 January 2007 .

Being United in Prayer

At night from 3d to 4th of January 2007 in St. Petersburg Central Evangelical-Baptist Church was a Youth Prayer Meeting that lasted all night. There were various youth groups from churches of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.  More in russian >>

5 January 2007 .

Baptism Ceremony in Baptist Church in Pavlovsk.

On 24th of December 2006 in the Evangelical-Baptist Church in Pavlovsk was held a ceremonial worship, devoted to the baptism of new members of the church!  More in russian >>

5 January 2007 .

Coming to the New Year with the heat!

On 27th of December the building of Evangelical-Baptist Church in Krasnoye Selo was linked up to the gas pipe line! This event became the most long-awaited and dearest gift on the Christmas and New Year for the church in Krasnoye Selo!  More in russian >>

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